XPeng X9 MPV начинает предварительную продажу


The Auto Guangzhou 2023 kicked off last Friday, marking the official debut of XPeng ‘ latest innovation, the X9, a mid-to-large-sized all-electric MPV, which is priced at 388,000 yuan in presale.
According to XPeng’s chairman and CEO, He Xiaopeng, deliveries of the X9 MPV are slated to commence in January 2024.
In terms of exterior design, the model is dubbed a “new species” by the company, positioning itself as a purely electric, intelligent seven-seater MPV. The overall design of the vehicle showcases a distinctiveness that sets it apart, characterized by sharp lines and a profoundly avant-garde style.

With dimensions measuring 5,293mm in length, 1,988mm in width, and 1,785mm in height, coupled with a wheelbase of 3,160mm, the X9 presents an imposing silhouette. The “floating” roof design lends the vehicle an almost starship-like appearance when viewed from the rear.

the flagship model under XPeng’s SEPA2.0 architecture, the X9 will incorporate core technologies such as the full-domain 800V platform, front and rear integrated aluminum casting, and XNGP, making it the world’s only MPV with rear-wheel steering as a standard feature. Introducing the XOS Tianji intelligent cockpit system for the first time, the X9 promises users a next-generation intelligent cockpit experience.

Examining the interior details, the X9 boasts a compact and refined full LCD instrument panel along with a larger central control screen compared to the XPeng G9. The central screen supports split-screen display functionality, providing users with a versatile and informative interface. In addition, the co-pilot seat does not feature a screen.

In terms of seating arrangement, the X9 adopts a 2+2+3 configuration, with the second row consisting of two independent seats equipped with individual armrests and a tray table. The cabin also features a 180mm central aisle width. The rear row comes with a separate air-conditioning control area located centrally.


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