Раскрытие некоторых конфигураций Fangchengbao bao8


On April 19th, we obtained part of the configuration information of Bao 8, a large SUV, from Fangchengbao’s official website.The new car has been unveiled earlier and will officially meet with consumers at the Beijing Auto Show, which opens on April 25.It is understood that this car was born on the DMO super hybrid off-road platform, equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine, equipped with Yunnian-P active hydraulic body control system and the Eye of the Gods high-end intelligent driver assistance system, will support urban and high-speed NOA in the future.And 6-seater and 7-seater versions are available for consumers to choose from.It is worth mentioning that the future pricing of the car may be in the range of 500,000, and it is expected to be launched in the third quarter.At the same time, with the launch of new cars, it will form a “358 group” with bao3 and bao5 to meet the different car purchase needs of consumers and improve brand sales performance.

According to the official statement, the design inspiration of bao 8 comes from the future universe of Senluo Vientiane, drawing inspiration from the sturdy and almighty “starship” delivery system to create a “future starship aesthetics.”Judging from the details, the interior of its large-size grille is decorated with three banners of chrome, the headlights on both sides are connected to the grille, and the center of the engine cover is significantly recessed to enhance the sense of power.At the same time, the bumper of bao8 extends the family-style locking element to enhance the sense of power.

From the side of the body, the water tangent line extending from the hood of the car and the suspended roof of the car, while taking into account the occupant’s field of vision, also controls the window ratio to 3:1, with the wide body and strong shoulders, it is full of muscles.In terms of the tail, the Leopard 8’s wrap-around spare tire cover design is inspired by the planetary ring, and it is highly recognizable with the chic tail light groups on both sides.

It was revealed that in terms of body size, Fangchengbao Bao 8 has a length of about 5200mm (with spare tires), a width of about 2000mm, a height of more than 1900mm, and a wheelbase of 2920mm. It is positioned as a large SUV.In terms of power, the new car adopts the DMO off-road platform to continue the four core configurations of off-road, balancing power, fuel consumption, safety and comfort.At present, the official has not released specific parameter information, and we will follow up further in the future.

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